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Electrical Work

Electrical Services

GEA Integral Solutions, LLC Services offers quality Temp Agency services to place the right people on the right jobs wherever you need them. Whether you are looking to hire an electrical company or find a new job, we are happy to offer you our services. Contact us to arrange an appointment and one of our professional team members will have your hiring or job-seeking needs met in no time. 


On-Demand Labor


Construction Electricians

GEA has the ability to mobilize regional and local teams of electricians and apprentices to analyze, plan and execute new or existing projects. GEA thrives on finding proven skilled manpower when and where you need them.

From apprentices through lead men, our talented pool of skilled electricians are just a phone call away. As your go-to source for construction electricians, our consultants are always available to meet your needs.


Residential Electricians

Supplement your core workforce with the help of GEA’s high-caliber skilled electricians. From commercial work to high voltage, GEA has been at the best solution on helping contractors find safety minded and skilled electricians.

Recent Projects



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