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Carrying Cleaning Supplies

Janitorial Services

Every time a client opens the door to their building or home, we take very seriously the responsibility this means, so we make the effort to have the same Lead Person in charge of the job in your building every night, so you get to know and trust them. We customize a plan for your business, We do a complete review on site of your needs so we can deliver on that plan to meet and exceed your expectations.

We guarantee that our cleaning standards comply not only to company guidelines but also to our client’s standards and expectations. We make sure the job is done perfectly. We don’t just clean for appearance, we clean for the health and safety of your staff and clients. We help you with your image and your reputation. “A Clean Business is a Great Business”. From the tops of partitions to behind the toilets, we make sure all chrome is shined and floors are cleaned and detailed properly. WITH GEA YOU'RE ALWAYS CLEAN!

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